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Public Service

From July 2021 - July 2022, with support from Stanford's Scholars in Service program, Gopi served as a senior economist at the White House Council of Economic Advisers.  During her government service, she contributed to a wide range of policy areas including health care, Covid-19, child care, pensions, the labor market recovery and competition policy.  This work involved conducting internal research and analysis, producing external communications, interfacing with other offices and agencies as part of the policy process, and preparing briefings on releases of new statistical data. 

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Briefing Book

Gopi is a founding contributor to Briefing Book, a collaboration among economists with research and policy experience that aims to help its readers develop informed views about economic policy issues.  Briefing Book publishes regular posts on a wide array of policy topics and is read by a community of academics, policymakers and journalists.

Research in Rulemaking Initiative

Gopi is leading an effort aimed at facilitating the creation and submission of evidence-based public comments on rules and regulations issued by federal agencies by faculty members across the university. Through this effort, she participated in a webinar co-hosted with Yale's Tobin Center for Economic Policy and the White House Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) regarding the historic revisions to regulatory cost-benefit analysis guidelines.

Policy and issue briefs

How could health insurance change with the 2024 election?  March 2024 (with Emma Casey).

How can we strengthen the direct care workforce?  December 2023 (with Aaron Sojourner).

How can societies prepare for an aging population?  October 2023.

Improving health care access for low-income Medicare beneficiaries - The Hamilton Project, October 2023 (with Jason Brown).

Strengthening the Social Security safety net, April 2023 (with Andrew Biggs).

How Should Women Think about Social Security Decisions?, November 2022 (with Melinda Morrill).

Excess Mortality during the Pandemic: The Role of Health Insurance, July 2022 (with CEA staff).

Reducing the Economic Burden of Unmet Mental Health Needs, May 2022 (with CEA staff).

Care Businesses: A Model that Doesn't Work for Providers, Workers, or Families, April 2022 (with CEA staff).

Mechanisms Behind Retirement Saving Behavior: Evidence From Administrative and Survey Data, February 2018 (with Matthew Levy, Colleen Manchester, Aaron Sojourner, and Joshua Tasoff).

How Do Distributions from Retirement Accounts Respond to Early Withdrawal Penalties?, June 2017 (with Damon Jones and Shanthi Ramnath).

The Role of Exponential-Growth Bias and Present Bias in Retirement Savings, May 2015 (with Matthew Levy, Colleen Manchester, Aaron Sojourner, and Joshua Tasoff).

How Do Retirement Income Projections Affect Saving Behavior?, February 2014 (with Colleen Manchester and Aaron Sojourner).

Do Income Projections Affect Retirement Saving?, April 2013 (with Colleen Manchester and Aaron Sojourner).

Does Understanding the Relation Between Retirement Contributions and Future Monthly Income Encourage Savings?, February 2012 (with Colleen Manchester and Aaron Sojourner).

Health Care Spending and the Federal Budget, July 2011.

Long-Term Care Financing: Is Increasing Insurance Coverage Good Policy?, May 2010.

Non-technical research summaries

Economic Report of the President draws on work of SIEPR scholars | Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, April 2024.

In COVID Year 2, Older Workers Faced Tough Choices | Center for Retirement Research, March 2023

Long-Term Care Insurance Changes Employment Among Adult Children with Aging Parents | Penn LDI, October 2023.

Economic Report of the President shows SIEPR scholars making a difference | Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, May 2023.

Work and Benefit Applications through the Second Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic | NBER, March 2023.

New Research Assesses Effects of Withdrawal Penalties on Retirement Savings Accounts | The University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy, January 2023.

Study finds ‘substantial’ costs on workers with severe COVID-19 illnesses | Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR), September 2022.

The Minimum Wage and Social Security Disability Insurance | NBER, March 2021.

Procrastination or financial literacy? Study highlights why retirement saving can be hard | Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR), August 2019.

Implicit Taxes on Work at Older Ages | NBER, June 2018.

Q&A: Why Obamacare isn't a job killer | Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research (SIEPR), August 2017.

How Biases Affect Retirement Savings | NBER, March 2016.

Liquidity, Mortality, and Early Social Security Claiming | NBER, November 2015.

How Well Are Social Security Recipients Protected from Inflation? | NBER, December 2010.

Default Rules for Retirement Plan Selection | NBER, September 2010.